About Thrive


Established in 1976 and incorporated in 1999 (as the Community Child Abuse Council), we are are a federally registered, charitable, community-based organization. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and derive our revenues through a combination of government contracts, foundation grants, private donations, and fund development activities.

THRIVE Child and Youth Trauma Services provides professional assessment and trauma treatment services, as well as prevention and educational programs. Our treatment programs include comprehensive assessment and specialized treatment for children and youth in our community who have been sexually abused, have been involved in intrafamilial sexual abuse (children and youth within the same family), or have concerning sexualized behaviours. We also offer services to address the unique needs of refugee and immigrant children and youth experiencing trauma symptoms or significant acculturation stress as well as support to their families. Our services are confidential and accessible, and are provided in a welcoming, comfortable, safe and supportive environment where our professional team helps individuals and families deal with their concerns. Our primary goal is the provision of a psychologically and physically safe and secure environment that promotes healing from trauma and education about trauma, child abuse and its impact. Our catchment area for services extends across Greater Hamilton and surrounding area.

Presently our programs and services focus on three areas:

  • Treatment:
    Comprehensive assessment and specialized individual and family treatment for children and youth ages 2 to 18 who have been sexually victimized, experienced intrafamilial sexual abuse, orexhibit concerning sexualized behaviour, including sibling incest; support to non-offending parents/caregivers and families; trauma-focused treatment and counseling addressing the unique needs of immigrant and refugee children, youth, and their families who have experienced trauma in another country, while on their journey to Canada, or while in Canada.

  • Education and Support:
    For both professionals as well as the broader public about child abuse and trauma, e.g., Training Internship Program for professionals; educational forums; Parent Support Group for parents dealing with a disclosure of a child's sexual abuse or victimization

  • Prevention:
    Initiatives that promote child safety and healthy development, and build healthier communities

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Our programs and services have been developed in direct response to the needs of our community. We deliver high level services for child and youth victims of sexual abuse and trauma, and treatment programs grounded in evidence-based research and reflecting best practices in the field.

We also raise awareness of child abuse in our community, building community relations and support to help us realize our vision of thriving children. To accomplish this, we engage community leaders, undertake community campaigns, and seek the support and assistance of like-minded partners. Our  community impact plan includes educational messages and community dialogue, along with regular Community Briefings. We are continuously looking for opportunities to raise awareness about child abuse, child trauma, and the impact of these serious crimes on individuals and on our communitiy. We believe thriving children create thriving communities, and we invite the support and participation of all who share our vision.

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