Parent Symposium: Partners in Prevention


This year’s Parent Symposium, entitled, The Partners in Prevention: A symposium for parents and caregivers about keeping young people safe from sexual harm allowed both parents, and professionals in the field, to come together to learn more about how they can help keep young people in our community safe from sexual harm. The forty participants heard Dr. Janet Rosenzweig, author of “The Sex-Wise Parent” present on practical advice to help parents promote their families’ sexual health and safety. Her “Rosenzweig’s Rules” provided easy to understand parent guidelines for nurturing healthy sexuality in their families. The participants then had the opportunity to participate in two break-out sessions lead by local experts from THRIVE, both Hamilton Wentworth public and Catholic school boards, the Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton and the Hamilton Police. The participants had the opportunity to direct questions to or ask questions of local experts and to learn about the many resources available to them in the Hamilton community.

Below are copies of the handouts and presentations from the symposium. We will update this page when new content becomes available to us. 

Parent Symposium Handouts

 Concerning Sexualized Behaviour Presentation

Resiliency Presentation

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