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Our Supporters


Untitled design 1A long-time Hamiltonian, Mischa Weisz was a self-made millionaire invested in improving the lives of others in his community. Motivated as a single father to provide a better life for his children, and led by the example of his parents to never give up, Mischa Weisz was driven to succeed. In 1996 he founded TNS Smart Network Inc. which grew to become a multi-million dollar company operating thousands of ATMs around the world. In 2007, Mischa was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Before his death, Mischa Weisz bequeathed over $1.25 million to local Hamilton organizations and, with the remainder of his estate, set up an endowment fund to ensure that funds would be available every year for the causes most important to him.

In 2015, The Mischa Weisz Foundation gifted Thrive $15,000. We cannot strongly enough express our gratefulness for this gift, as it resulted in many hours of additional treatment for our clients, and a significant reduction in our wait time. 

The impact of the Mischa Weisz Foundation’s generosity can be seen not only at Thrive, but widely throughout Hamilton, allowing many organizations to protect and impact the lives of Hamilton’s most vulnerable children and youth.

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IG logoInvestors Group has long been a supporter of Thrive’s work. Since 2012, they have donated over $18,000 to help fund Thrive’s programs and services. The advocacy for our organization at Investors Group is championed by Jon Jurus, Regional Director, and one of our Leaders for Kids.

Investors Group’s long tradition of community involvement, corporate funding, and project initiation has created a strong corporate culture of caring. From being a founding member of Imagine Canada to maintaining a corporate sponsorship with Volunteer Canada for over 17 years, Investors Group is truly committed to investing in their community. In 2016, Investors Group donated over $6.9 million to over 17,000 organizations in Canada!

In our 2016-17 fiscal year, Investors Group has donated over $6000 through their various initiatives and funds to support our programs and help children and families heal from trauma. We cannot express enough our gratitude for their continued support and generosity.


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Since 2010, Losani Homes has been an important supporter of the work we do at Thrive through the Losani Family Foundation. Their generous gifts have been increasing our organization’s capacity to treat our clients and help vulnerable children and youth in need in Hamilton. Last year, Losani Family Foundation Fund generously donated $20,000 to Thrive programs through the Hamilton Community Foundation, and in July 2017 we recieved another $20,000 from this fund! 

Losani Homes is Hamilton’s largest and most decorated homebuilder. As a third-generation family-owned and operated company, the company’s mission is to provide quality homes to emerging markets via their large land bank, produce responsible growth with maximum impact, and be socially impactful locally and abroad through the Losani Family Foundation.

Over the past several years the Losani Family Foundation has found the perfect partner in WE (formally Free the Children) to create tangible change both locally and abroad. Most recently at the 2017 BILD Awards, the Losani Family Foundation was awarded the coveted Stephen Dupuis Humanitarian of the Year Award for the foundation’s extensive charitable work. The Foundation was also awarded the North American 2017 Gold Award for Building Community Spirit by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The Losani Family Foundation has donated millions of dollars in support of local and global families. We are so grateful for their continued support of our programs and services and their commitment to youth in Hamilton!

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