Online Parent/Caregiver Education Program


Online Parent/Caregiver Education Program

Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services offers psycho-educational groups for non-offending parents/caregivers and other identified non-offending parties, or groups in our community (e.g. foster parents, police personnel, etc.). Groups are offered at our office location (on site); and the same program content is also offered in an online format. Participation in either Thrives’ On Site or Online Parent/Caregiver Education Programs is voluntary and free of charge.

The Online Parent/Caregiver Education Program offered at Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services consists of the following:

Courage to Tell is a two-part online learning opportunity designed for parents/caregivers who are dealing with a recent disclosure of sexual abuse involving their child/youth. Participants will gain important knowledge about such areas as how to support their child/youth during this emotional and challenging time, how to respond to different questions and/or behaviours, how to navigate their way through the process of dealing with their child’s/youth’s disclosure of sexual abuse, etc.

ABC’s of CSB (Concerning Sexualized Behaviours) is a two-part online educational session for parents/caregivers of children (ages 11 and under) with concerning sexualized behaviours. Participants will benefit from having the opportunity to increase their knowledge about child sexual development and how to support and respond to a child who is exhibiting concerning sexualized behaviours.

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