Eligibility Requirements (ABC's of CSB)


ABC’s of CSB
Online Parent/Caregiver Education Program
Eligibility Requirements

If you are a parent/caregiver interested in participating in the ABC’s of CSB (Concerning Sexualized Behaviours) Online Parent/Caregiver Education Program, the program is open to non-offending parents/caregivers and/or other non-offending parties only, as deemed appropriate/eligible for participation by Thrives’ Client Services Coordinator and/or the Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Program (SAAT) Consulting Clinical Supervisor (e.g. foster parents, group home staff, etc.). The information covered and presented in this education program specifically pertains to children 11 year olds and younger, and is only helpful/of value to those parents/caregivers with children in that specific age range. You must be a resident of the Province of Ontario.

The following criteria must be met by person(s) interested in registering for the ABC’s of CSB (Concerning Sexualized Behaviours) Online Parent/Caregiver Education Program before access will be provided to the course materials:

  • Concerning sexualized behaviours involving the following must be reported to Child Welfare and/or the Police Services: these concerning sexualized behaviours may include a significant age differential (three years or more); use of force, threats or violence; significant coercion/bribery; involve the creation, distribution and/or viewing of sexual images of children 11 years of age or under; and, if the concerning sexualized behaviours are considered outside of normative for the age and stage of the child 
  • The concerning sexual behaviours pertain to a child aged 11 years of age or younger 
  • Child Welfare and/or Police Services have deemed the reported sexualized behaviours to be concerning and warranting intervention 

If the above criteria have not been met, you are not eligible for participation in the ABC’s of CSB Parent/Caregiver Online Education Program at this time.

If you have checked the two boxes above, you may now contact Janice Floyd, Client Services Coordinator at Thrive to discuss the next steps towards registering for the Courage to Tell Online Parent/Caregiver Education Program. Please only call the office if the eligibility criteria have been met. Janice can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. at (905) 523-1020 ext. 212.

Next steps:

Eligible participants of the ABC’s of CSB Online Parent/Caregiver Education Program will be contacted by Thrive staff and asked to provide the following information as the next step in the registration process:

  • Basic information including some specific information pertaining to the concerning sexualized behaviours exhibited by their child
  • Parents/caregivers not known to Thrive Child and Youth Trauma Services (i.e. their children are not clients of Thrive) will be asked to provide the name of the Child Welfare Worker involved with their child/youth and family. For the purposes of exercising ‘due diligence’ the Child Welfare worker will be contacted by Thrive staff to confirm the concerning sexualized behaviour(s) have been reported and deemed to be ‘concerning’

Special note:
Please be advised this program is not beneficial for any parents/caregivers whose child is 12 years of age and older.

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