New and improved resources and tools are being developed all the time to educate, inform, and support those wanting to help protect young people from harm. We will feature some of these on our website to help equip our community to be advocates, protectors, and leaders in the movement to stop the abuse of children. We will also share resources related to trauma and its impact on young people, including newcomer children and youth (refugees, immigrants) and their families.

Here are some recommended resources (for additional information specifically helpful to parents and caregivers, see the tab "For Parents & Caregivers" at the top of this web site): (online sexual exploitation of children) (Canadian Centre for Child Protection - several resources) (Harvard Center on the Developing Child (comprehensive resource library)
Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies

Our belief that thriving children create thriving communities is closely connected to THRIVE's strong and ongoing emphasis on prevention and education. Over the years we have produced a number of resources and launched various successful initiatives, often in collaboration with its community partners, all with a focus on keeping kids safe. These have included pioneering unique and award winning school-based education programs such as The Touching Kit. Our strong commitment to prevention of child maltreatment and in particular sexual victimization continues and includes particular focus on:

  • Increasing awareness and understanding about child maltreatment and its impact (among parents/caregivers and the broader community including professionals, our community leaders, and others in positions of trust) and facilitating community-based child abuse prevention strategies and initiatives evidenced in our "It's About Time Campaign" and Leaders for Kids initiative.
  • Strengthening and enhancing parent/caregiver capacity
  • Promoting healthy child development

The Courage Collection Provided in partnership with the Hamilton Public Library, this is a unique and specialized collection of resource materials for children, youth, parents/caregivers and professionals on topics related to child abuse and trauma, self-help, healing and adult survivor of sexual abuse issues. Free of charge to individuals and families in Ontario. Click here to link to the Collection's directory of available resources.

The Diary Play This theatrical presentation geared to and performed by youth dramatizes the problem of bullying, how it can manifest itself, how it feels to be bullied, and importantly, offers empowering help and strategies on what you can do if you are being bullied. A Teacher's Guide, available with the play, is intended to help facilitate classroom discussion on the topic.

"Touching" – UPDATE

This award winning school-based educational program is no longer available; we are looking at the potential to produce an updated and improved resource that offers best practices and current material, so please check back or contact us for the latest developments..

"Touching" - Parent's Kit and Touching Teacher's Kit An award winning school-based educational program, this widely used, easy to watch and cleverly entertaining resource aims to teach and promote child safety with an emphasis on keeping children safe from abuse. Components include the Touching DVD accompanied by two specially designed guides - a Parent's Kit and a Teacher's Kit – designed to be used in tandem with the DVD and to facilitate discussion and conversation on the topic. Click here for more information on this useful resource.

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